21 Simply Genius Ways to Use a Blendtec

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Fruits, veggies, protein, nuts and seeds- there are so many things you can pack (or hide) in a smoothie. Whether you need a fast meal in a cup, a snack to hold you over, or you are feeding your sweet tooth craving, smoothies are the way to go.

Skip the line and the price tag at your local smoothie shop and make the best blend at your own counter. Pack it with nutrients in a power green smoothie, give it a protein punch with nuts and seeds, or go full on dessert with a creamy milkshake. And with your Blendtec blender, it’s as easy as pushing a button- the smoothie button!

So whether it’s green, nutty, or just straight decadence, drink up!


Featured Recipe: Go Green Protein Shake https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/go-green-protein-shake

➡️ Alternative Recipe 1- Raspberry Omega Blast: https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/berry-omega-blast

➡️ Alternative Recipe 2: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake: https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/chocolate-peanut-butter-protein-shake




Hamburgers, tacos, lasagna, meatballs, chili, sloppy joe’s- so many of our favorite recipes call for ground meat. And while hamburger is still king, there are other options like pork, lamb, chicken and turkey that can take these classic dishes to another level. Unfortunately those other options can often be more expensive.

Your Blendtec is the solution.

Cut the cost, control the fat, and ensure there are no weird additives by buying large cuts on sale and grinding it yourself. Yep, you heard that right!

When powerful stainless steel blades spin this fast in such a small space, it easily mimics the strength of a traditional meat grinder! Just another reason why a Blendtec beats other blenders hands down.

Whether you want to to grind beef for hamburgers, pork for breakfast sausage or chicken for Thai lettuce wraps, grinding meat at home is another way Blendtec lets you be self-sufficient in the kitchen while providing your family with the freshest and healthiest meals possible.


Featured Recipe: Juicy Ranch Burger : goo.gl/iLEhX5

➡️ Alternative Recipe 1: Meatball Nirvana goo.gl/iT3BsX

➡️ Alternative Recipe 2: Asian Lettuce Wraps goo.gl/7vfgHA




Eggs are a culinary staple and for good reason...they’re healthy, delicious and readily available. Omelettes, crepes, quiche, dutch babies, frittata, egg burritos and, of course, the humble scrambled egg are all welcome sights on any breakfast (or dinner) table.

But what you might not know is how easy it is to take any egg dish from good to rave worthy with a little help from your Blendtec blender. Just whip those eggs in the Blendtec for about 10 seconds and you’ll have the fluffiest eggs you’ve ever eaten. Not only does this beat air into the eggs, increasing the fluffy factor, but it also blends them perfectly so you don’t get separated pieces of yolks and whites. It’s a fast and simple way that blendtec makes breakfast at home so much better.


Featured Recipe: Ham & Pepper Omelet: goo.gl/vtt4h1

➡️ Alternative Recipe 1: Quick Quiche goo.gl/ADNTHH

➡️ Alternative Recipe 2: Fluffy French Toast goo.gl/xmy5F4




Move over cows, because the whole country has gone crazy over nut milk.

Who knew that nuts and water blended together could make a beverage that looks, acts and tastes like milk?

The delicious taste, nutritional benefits, and versatility of alternative milks has made them a fast-growing trend.

Almond milk is the most popular of the nut milks, but when you buy at your local grocery store, it can be quite spendy and contains some very questionable ingredients. No worries, once you see how easy it is to make your own using your Blendtec, you won’t need to buy it ever again.

Why? Homemade almond milk is incredibly creamy, has a mellow milky flavor and all-around superiority over it’s store-bought counterpart. You can customize it with vanilla, sweetener or even chocolate to make that trusty kid-favorite, chocolate milk. Oh, who are we kidding, adult-favorite, too.

And of course, you don’t have to stop at almonds and you don’t even have to stop at nuts. Cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and even coconut all work great.

With the blending power of a Blendtec the options are endless. And healthy. And delicious!

💠💠Note: Grinding grains, coffee, sugar, beans and spices can discolor and leave permanent etchings on the jars. This does not affect jar performance and is considered cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty. We suggest dedicating one jar to blending these items.💠💠


Featured Recipe: Vanilla Almond Milk:


➡️ Alternative Recipe 1: Raw Cashew Milk  


➡️ Alternative Recipe 2: Maple Sweetened Help Milk:




Making your own ice cream use to entail having to buy rock salt and hours upon hours of churning. By the time it was done, you could have been to the store and back multiple times to buy tubs of the ready-made stuff.

Now you indulge in your craving at the touch of a Blendtec button. Save your time, money, and sanity and make it yourself!

Whether you decide to take the healthy route with a “nice cream” or to indulge in a creamy traditional recipe, it's totally up to you.

So get creative, make your own flavor, and feed your craving.


Featured Recipe: Watch video for instructions on our Go Green Healthy Ice Cream

➡️ Alternative Recipe 1: Peach Frozen Yogurt https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/peach-frozen-yogurt

➡️ Alternative Recipe 2: Pineapple Coconut Sorbet goo.gl/HheGWq




Flour substitutes are all the rage right now. White flour is out and oat, rice, whole wheat, quinoa, almond and coconut flours are in.

Making the switch is a smart choice for your overall health. White flour has very little nutritious value. By swapping white flour for more nutrient rich flour alternatives you are able to add more essential nutrients and minerals back into your daily diet.

Alternative flours aren’t always available at your average grocery store, and when they are, they cost enough to break the bank.

No problem. With the help of your Blendtec, you can grind your favorite ancient grains or nuts to flour in just seconds for a fraction of the price.

Making your own nutrient rich flour is so easy, cost effective and is a great step to a healthier you.

💠💠Note: Grinding grains, coffee, sugar, beans and spices can discolor and leave permanent etchings on the jars. This does not affect jar performance and is considered cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty. We suggest dedicating one jar to blending these items.💠💠


Here are instructions for grinding grains: https://www.blendtec.com/blog/grinding-grains-in-a-blendtec-blender/

➡️ Featured Recipe: Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins: goo.gl/hCYE9V

➡️ Alternative Recipe 1: Perfect Paleo Pumpkin Bread goo.gl/oUE9CT

➡️ Alternative Recipe 2: Gluten-Free Pancakes goo.gl/E12jt7



Anytime of the year is the right time for iced, tantalizing coffee goodness!

Although delicious and crave worthy, iced coffees can be expensive and are be loaded with extra sugars and fats. You can avoid the lines, save some time, calories and money by using your Blendtec to make your own fresh iced coffee goodness in the comfort of your own home.

Need some ideas to get the wheels turning?! Check Out these totally drool worthy iced Coffee Recipes


➡️ Featured Recipe: Mocha Frappe

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Caramel Frappe https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/caramel-frappe

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Eggnog Mocha Frappe https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/eggnog-mocha-frappe



Nutter butters have taken over, and the options now extend way beyond good ol’ peanut butter. Name any seed or nut and the chances you can buy it in butter form are pretty good. There is even such a thing as cookie butter- pass me some of that with a spoon!

Making your own nut butter, seed butter and cookie butter is a cinch in your Blendtec blender!

The best part? By making your own at home, you have the power to control the amount of salt. sugar, and oil. Not to mention you can make it at a fraction of the cost.

Homemade is always better, and homemade nut butters are no exception.

💠💠Note: Grinding grains, coffee, sugar, beans and spices can discolor and leave permanent etchings on the jars. This does not affect jar performance and is considered cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty. We suggest dedicating one jar to blending these items.💠💠


➡️ Feature Recipe: Peanut Butter  


➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Copycat Nutella https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/copycat-nutella

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Almond Butter https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/almond-butter

Our favorite dip recipes can be found here: https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/categories/dips




Shaved ice is a summer staple! But what if you want it after the season is over and the snow shacks have closed their windows?

You make it at home in your Blendtec, that’s what you do!

And after you realize how easy it is and how much money you will save, you might not go back to the shack, even when it’s open.

The texture created by the powerful Blendtec blades produces the perfect snow cone consistency which is crucial when it comes to shaved ice.

So make some snow, add some syrup, and enjoy it any time you want.


Try making your own snow cone with store bought syrup, or check below for homemade syrup recipes.

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Homemade Tiger's Blood Syrup

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Homemade Mango Peach Syrup https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/mango-peach-snow-cone-syrup



For breakfast or dinner, pancakes are a fan favorite.

Whether it’s fluffy buttermilk, oven pancakes, crepes, or even a nutrient rich protein pancake, your Blendtec you will ensure a perfect blend and make cleanup effortless.

So get creative and try these fun and delicious add ins and flavor combos:

Flax Seeds, Blueberries + Lemon, Bananas, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chips, Walnuts, Pecans, Apples + Cinnamon, Nut Butter, Strawberries, Protein Powder, Matcha, Crushed Pineapple, Zucchini, Honey, Coconut...

The options are endless!

Every day is a perfect day for pancakes when you’ve got a Blendtec.


Featured Recipe: Whole Wheat Pancake recipe: https://www.blendtec.com/…/6-blender-pancake-waffle-recipes/

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Pecan Waffles https://merryabouttown.com/pecan-blender-waffles/

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: GF Banana Oat Pancakes https://cookieandkate.com/2012/banana-oat-pancakes/



Once the cold weather hits, everyone seems to start craving that rich and creamy miracle in a cup known as hot chocolate. Some of us, who shall remain nameless, don’t need the excuse of cold weather. Just sayin’.

Hot chocolate, in our humble opinion, should be a year-round drink like coffee or tea. And on a side note, it should never come out of a can or a packet. That’s only for when you’re visiting relatives … and you’re desperate.

Fortunately, real hot chocolate, the kind found in cafes all over Paris, can be made anytime of year right in your own kitchen with your Blendtec blender. Just throw in some milk and the best chocolate you can get your hands on and you’ll have a steaming cup of cafe-worthy cocoa in just a few minutes. You can add vanilla, espresso powder, peppermint, caramel, cinnamon or any add-ins you like. And of course, don’t forget the marshmallows.




Featured Recipe: Best Blender Hot Chocolate https://www.blendtec.com/blog/hot-chocolate-bar-party/

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Dairy Free Hot Chocolate https://www.tasteslovely.com/dairy-free-hot-chocolate/

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Peppermint Hot Chocolate https://www.blenderhappy.com/peppermint-hot-chocolate/



Tomato Sauce is such a versatile staple. Whether it's spooned over pasta, used as a dipping sauce, or supporting the toppings of homemade pizza, tomato sauce gives a flavor punch that no one can deny.

What would make it even better?

Fresh, homemade tomato sauce. Take any dish from tasty to delizioso by making your own tomato sauce in your Blendtec blender.

The patented, five-sided jar and high-powered motor work together to ensure you get a smooth and completely blended sauce every time, no tamper needed.

Use the sauce immediately or freeze it in family size portions and enjoy a quick and easy meal any night of the week.

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s healthy, and the flavor is unbeatable.


Featured Recipe: Fresh Tomato Blender Sauce https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-fresh-tomato-blender-sauce…

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: No-Cook Blender Alfredo http://www.geniuskitchen.com/…/no-cook-blender-alfredo-sauc…

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Garlic & Basil Pesto http://allrecipes.com/…/76697/simple-garlic-and-basil-pesto/



There’s a certain rhythm, a calmness, a relaxing quality to chopping large piles of vegetables into small, perfectly even pieces. Oh wait, I was confusing chopping vegetables with a candle-lit bubble bath. My mistake. Chopping veggies is not relaxing at all.

Even for the most avid cook, chopping vegetables is tedious, mundane and the most time-consuming part of any recipe. But what if we told you there was a better way to grate/chop vegetables into little pieces in just seconds.

You got it- it's using your Blendtec.

You can use the "Dry chop" method for things grated hard cheese and breadcrumbs. And the "Wet Chop" method can be used to grate vegetables like cabbage for cole slaw.

For wet chopping, just place the raw veggies in the Blendtec, cover them completely with water and turn the blender on for a few seconds. As the large pieces of vegetables are chopped into small pieces, the water carries them to the top of the Blendtec allowing the remaining pieces of veggies to hit the blades and get chopped. Strain the vegetables through a sieve and they’re ready to add to your recipe.

With all the time you’ll save using the Blendtec, you can take that long, candle-lit bubble bath. You’re welcome!


Featured Recipe: Homemade Cole Slaw goo.gl/fvaoan

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Blueberry Zucchini Bread goo.gl/HA5hKN

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Chicken Parmesan goo.gl/kTZmJ3


Salad Dressing

Salad rarely gets the respect it deserves. It often feels like a something you only eat when you’re on a diet (ugh!) or as something to hold you over until the rest of your meal is served.

But a salad can be just as tasty as any other part of your meal, or even a satisfying meal all by itself. (Seriously!)
The trick to making that happen is to ditch the bottled dressing. Pull out your Blendtec blender and make your own instead. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to store-bought dressing again.

Of course, the superior taste is reason enough, but being able to control the ingredients is a game changer. Avoid the artificial colors, flavors and high levels of sugar and salt without paying the premium price.

With the high-speed power of a Blendtec you can make smooth and creamy salad dressings that are fresher, tastier, cheaper and way healthier than anything you can buy at your local supermarket.

Do yourself a favor and try it today.
You might just decide you like salad after all.


Featured Recipe: Balsamic Vinaigrette https://www.thekitchn.com/essential-recipe-balsamic-vinaigr…

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Cilantro Lime Dressing http://allrecipes.com/recipe/167260/cilantro-lime-dressing/

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Easy Blue Cheese Dressing https://www.Blendtec.com/blog/easy-blue-cheese-dressing/



Is there anything more comforting than a creamy, steamy bowl of homemade soup? We don’t think so, especially when you can easily make endless varieties of soup right in your Blendtec blender.

While popping open a can of soup from the store is convenient, it won't taste as good as homemade and it’s likely full of all sorts of artificial and unhealthy ingredients you don’t want to feed your family.

The good news is you can make delicious, healthy, homemade soup with hardly more effort than it would be to open a can. With a Blendtec, you just layer in the chopped, fresh ingredients, press the soup button and the soup is blended and cooked right in the blender. That’s what we call an effortless meal without sacrificing nutrition and flavor. Not to mention you don’t even have to dirty a pot or pan.

Life doesn’t get much more comforting than that!



Featured Recipe: Loaded Baked Potato Soup https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/loaded-baked-potato-soup

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Butternut Squash Soup http://allrecipes.com/recipe/77981/butternut-squash-soup-ii/

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup http://allrecipes.com/…/13113/rich-and-creamy-tomato-basi…/…



Imagine you have just spent hours on a perfect cake. Now it’s time for the frosting and you realize you are completely out of powdered sugar.

You can do 1 of 3 things:

1️⃣️Freak out and throw a tantrum
2️⃣️Head out begrudgingly to the store
3️⃣️Relax knowing that you can make my own from the granular sugar you have on in hand with a little help from your Blendtec.

Making your own Powdered Sugar in your Blendtec is a breeze and will take you only a few short minutes. With our high powered blade doing the work you will have perfectly light and fluffy powdered sugar every time.

You can even make your own powdered sugar using Stevia or other granular non-sugars. So whether you love sugar or are trying to avoid it, you can have perfect powdered sugar with a little help from your Blendtec.

💠💠Note: Grinding grains, coffee, sugar, beans and spices can discolor and leave permanent etchings on the jars. This does not affect jar performance and is considered cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty. We suggest dedicating one jar to blending these items.💠💠

Featured Recipe: Cream Cheese Frosting recipe: goo.gl/7Rmyac

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Cocoa Crepes https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/cocoa-crepes

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Chex Muddy Buddies: goo.gl/yTAubw



In today’s modern, fast-paced world, the only people who would consider making mayonnaise from scratch are probably the same people who call it aioli. Why would anyone who isn’t a professional chef make something so complicated when they can just grab a jar of mayo off the supermarket shelf?

Well, the truth is, most store-bought mayonnaise (and other condiments) are filled with questionable ingredients, preservatives and chemicals. And with a high-powered blender like Blendtec on your side, making mayonnaise isn’t complicated at all. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy, tastes fantastic and has a silkiness and fresh flavor that can’t be beat. You’ll definitely impress your family and friends with the wonderful taste of your homemade mayonnaise. Next thing you know you’ll be calling it aioli and have your own show on the Food Network. Bon appetit!


Featured Recipe: Mayonnaise https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/blender-mayonnaise

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Avocado Aioli https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/avocado-aioli

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Garlic Aioli https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/garlic-aioli



SAUCE. Doesn’t that word just make your mouth water?
Sauces are what make food delicious. Sweet or savory, they make ordinary dishes extraordinary, and there is no end to their versatility.

We know sauce makes everything better, but what makes sauce better?

A Blendtec blender, that’s what.

With your Blendtec, you can create beautifully smooth and silky sauces that will make any dish explode with crave-worthy flavor. And as bonuses, you can do it at a fraction of the cost while controlling the quality of the ingredients you put inside.

The possibilities are endless: tahini, queso, vodka, thai peanut, hollandaise, chocolate, caramel, dulce de leche... The list goes on and on.

So make a classic sauce, or get creative. Either way, you have just made eating and cooking much healthier and more enjoyable.


Featured Recipe: Easy Blender Cheese Sauce https://www.blenderrecipes.us/cheese-sauce/

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Thai Peanut Sauce https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/thai-peanut-sauce

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Vegan Nacho Cheese http://www.geniuskitchen.com/…/best-vegan-nacho-cheese-sauc…



Margaritas, Daiquiris and boozy ice drinks make any get together a party.

Whether you are serving cocktails or mocktails, your Blendtec’s scientifically designed blade will create perfectly smooth and slushie drinks all your guest will adore.

So next time you’re hosting a soiree, let your Blendtec do all the work.

Featured Recipe: Love Potion Cocktail https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/valentines-love-potion

➡️Alternative Recipe 1: Blood Orange Mojito https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/blood-orange-mojito

➡️Alternative Recipe 2: Frosted Cosmo https://www.blendtec.com/recipes/frosted-cosmo



Nothing beats the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans. We all want the best cup of joe and that means using the good stuff. Freshly ground beans bring out a richness and a bold taste that the bags of pre-ground beans just can’t touch.

Grinding your own beans does not have to be intimidating and it doesn’t require more equipment than what you already have in your kitchen.

Put your favorite coffee beans in your Blendtec blender and in seconds you will have freshly ground coffee. It’s that simple.

So skip the lines at your local shop and experience the fastest, easiest way to enjoy a quality cup of coffee.

➡️➡️Note: Grinding grains, coffee, sugar, beans and spices can discolor and leave permanent etchings on the jars. This does not affect jar performance and is considered cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty. We suggest dedicating one jar to blending these items.

What you need:
Coffee Beans



You have seen those gardeners with perfect crop every year, and if you are like me, you are completely envious of those gorgeous fruits and veggies. The trick?

Feed your garden gold.

“Black gold” that is, otherwise known as compost. Aside from being the best way to nourish your soil, it also lowers food waste and is friendly to the environment.

Unfortunately, a compost pile takes work and a whole lot of time before it’s usable. There is a faster and easier way, and believe it or not, it uses a Blendtec blender!

It’s called cold composting and it’s the fastest way to get the scraps from your kitchen into the ground in a form that the plants (and worms) can actually use. All you have to do is put the kitchen scraps you would normally throw away into your Blendtec, cover with water and blend into a compost smoothie.

Decompose your current compost pile even faster by adding your compost smoothie, or just pour it directly onto your garden and mix it in for an instant boost. Good compost is the key to a better garden and Blendtec makes it faster and easier than ever before. Who knew?



What you will need:
Food scraps

Here's a link with more information: https://www.blendtec.com/blog/non-edible-blender-recipes/